Lancashire Autism Service has now, sadly, closed.

Since 2013 it provided a continuous service dedicated to help people on the autistic spectrum.

Here is a message from our founder and chief inspiration to all who have had the pleasure of working with her over the years, consultant psychologist Vicky Bliss.

I am tremendously proud of all our dedicated staff who, even through the worst of covid, never stopped trying to help people as much as possible. Many, many thousands of people have been helped over the years by our team.

Even though it is always very hard to keep standards as high as possible when working within the UK's current grossly underfunded NHS system, our staff continuously gave 110% of themselves to everyone, and always strived to help as many people as possible as much as they were able.

And, inevitably given the current long term climate of harsh financial cutbacks, LAS has had to stop like so many other services we have worked alongside over the years who, through no fault of their own, simply couldn't continue to operate once funding had been reduced past a certain point.

However, over the many years LAS has operated, many thousands of people have been given help towards finding out about themselves and I sincerely hope that this will not only help each and every individual person, but also their friends and families as well as hopefully contribute towards the wider goal of helping bring autism into the eyes of everyone in a positive way.

I am aware that given the scale of the cutbacks this year, some people will feel like they need more help than we were able to give them. Going back to your GP for further help in the future is the best option for anyone who feels they need more help. Our staff gave everything they had for so long throughout the last few years especially that, even if you might feel upset or disappointed by our closure, I would like you to know that they felt they wanted to help everyone as fully as possible.

To everyone who has approached our service for help, I am proud of all the achievements you have made. By seeking help in the first place you have recognised that there may be a better path to take, and getting confirmation of autism as part of who you are is a very powerful life changing moment. I sincerely wish you all the very best for the future, and thank you for reaching out to us.

Lancashire Autism Service is having to bow out of the work but our staff, I am sure, will move on to other projects where I know they will continue to give of themselves fully to help others. That is the key to all of our work. I am truly grateful to have worked with so many amazing, dedicated people. Thank you to each and every one of them from the bottom of my heart.

Many best wishes, and thanks,


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