Due to the Coronavirus pandemic which is a fast acting and ongoing crisis for everyone in the UK, we are currently actively managing our response to this urgent and serious health issue. Our priority is how to safely manage our staffs health and ensure we can continue to provide a service to clients in this uncertain climate.

Due to staff shortages and key members of staff being classed as 'vulnerable' should they catch this virus, LAS has temporarily closed its office to clients.

Update: 8th July 2020

We have taken the step to move all our appointments to remote video and phone calls only for the foreseeable future.

We will not be seeing clients physically due to the ongoing concerns about the Coronavirus Pandemic and the health risks associated with close contact for both staff and clients. Due to the nature of our work, where there is a substantial time sat in the same room as a member of staff during a typical clinical appointment, this has been deemed an unacceptable risk for potential infection transmission between everybody.

We are continuing to contact existing clients about booking appointments, and all new referrals to our service are also being contacted in a timely manner. If you have been referred to our service through your GP, or other mental health professional, we will be in touch with you once we receive your referral from the NHS. Please note that all parts of the NHS are experiencing delays to normal working practices and so it may take longer than usual for your referral to be processed.

It is important to let your GP as well as ourselves know if you change your address during the time between asking for a referral and us contacting you.
If you do not, we may be unable to process your application and you might have to reapply to be referred to us. If you change GP, it is a good idea to inform your new GP that you have been referred to us through your previous GP.

Finally, if you do contact our office and leave either a voicemail message or an email message, please understand that there is a longer than usual delay in our ability to reply to you. We try and reply to all queries within 7 working days, so please be patient during this time and allow our staff time to process your message.

click here to go to our useful numbers page if you feel that you need more immediate help.

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