Due to the Coronavirus pandemic which is a fast acting and ongoing crisis for everyone in the UK, we are currently actively managing our response to this urgent and serious health issue. Our priority is how to safely manage our staffs health and ensure we can continue to provide a service to clients in this uncertain climate.

Due to staff shortages and key members of staff being classed as 'vulnerable' should they catch this virus, LAS has temporarily closed its office to clients.

Update: 4th May 2020

We are in the process of setting up online consultations via secure video link and phone calls this month. Once this has been fully tested and trialled, we will roll out the new method of conducting appointments as soon as possible. All our clients will be contacted in due course. We are not seeing any clients in person during this time, but are going to be looking carefully at ways to have physical appointments again in the future. Please be aware that anyone who wishes to wait until they can be seen in person is welcome to be put on a waiting list for these types of appointments, but in all likelihood there will be a considerable wait to be seen in this manner.

We are continuing to receive new referrals through the NHS, and are contacting new clients to inform them of the situation as soon as possible.

Update: 28th March 2020

We have taken the decision to extend our temporary suspension of all face-to-face client appointments. This situation is expected to last until at least when the UK government relaxes the current lockdown situation for its citizens. This is expected to not be within the next two months.

Our staff are continuing the process of contacting clients affected by our office closure.

If you have a scheduled appointment with us we will attempt to contact you via either mail, telephone or email. We are trying our best to contact a great many people, and in some instances we may not hold accurate contact details for you. Please email our office with up to date contact details if your circumstances have changed or you have not received any communication from us in the next few weeks.

We sincerely apologise to all clients affected by this decision, but have been left with no other alternative to try and keep our staff and our clients safe during this pandemic.

We have also posted on our website a list of contact numbers which may be useful to anyone needing to access further help during this time.

Please note that Lancashire Autism Service is NOT classed as an emergency service provider, and if you feel that you need extra help during this time then please see our webpage listing helpful contact numbers. If you feel that you are in urgent need of assistance, please contact your GP, or in an emergency please contact the emergency services.

Click this link to see our useful numbers guide.

Update: 24th March 2020

We have had to extend the closure of the office for client appointments for another week due to the ongoing situation across the UK. We are in the process of contacting all those affected.

We will have to extend the closure of our office until Friday the 3rd of April 2020.

We are actively planning options for our clients this week, and will continue to keep our website up to date with the latest developments.

Update: 17th March 2020

We are closed from Tuesday 17th March 2020 to Friday 27th March 2020.

We are continuing to work behind the scenes to organise contacting clients.

We will be constantly reviewing the situation to see whether we can safely allow clients 'face to face' contact with our staff. This is to ensure the safety of both staff and clients, and we ask that clients be patient with us during this time while we prepare alternative ways to interact.

Naturally, we understand that clients may be concerned over receiving adequate support from us, but ask that you only contact the office at this time for urgent matters.

Anyone with appointments during this time will be contacted. Please bear in mind that during this time we will be organising a lot of clients and we will be unable to offer any alternative appointment slots over the phone whilst we plan our full response to handling the situation.

For this reason, we politely ask for your understanding and ask that you don't phone the office to ask for alternative appointment dates. Our staff will be contacting all clients in due course and cannot do this over the telephone.

To summarise the events so far:

LAS has closed its office and all appointments are cancelled up until 27th March 2020.

The situation will be monitored daily and updates put on our website.

Please do not phone the office for information as our staff will be contacting all affected clients behind the scenes.

Email and voicemails to our office will be monitored but due to staff shortages please understand that we may not reply quickly to individual queries. We will aim to reply to everyone as fast as we can, but remember that it will take us time to organise our response to this crisis and office staff may not be able to give answers immediately.

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