Diagnosis and Counselling Support for Adults and Children on the Autistic Spectrum

Lancashire Autism Services Ltd stores information about clients in line with GDPR data regulations. As we are a Medical Company dealing with Psychological intervention and help, we need to store clients contact information as well as medical notes and reports in order to carry out our duties safety and legally. A complete list of the types of information we store, and information relating to how we process your information is available upon request. Please contact us if you wish to be sent a document outlining all the information we use, store and process.

As with all companies complying with GDPR, all clients have the right to request to have their information removed from our systems.

Clients may also request access to their records we hold about them, and can make a 'subject access request' for this information.

Please contact us if you wish to let us know you wish to talk about any issues surrounding data handling, including subject access requests, and we will contact you directly in order to proceed.

You may contact us by any of the following methods:

Our office number is 01772 200589.

Use the online 'Contact us' form on this website

Letters should be addressed to: 'Data Protection Officer', Business First, Millennium Road, Preston, Lancashire, PR2 5BL