Update: April 2022

As from the beginning of April 2022, we no longer automatically accept new NHS referrals.

All clients referred to us via the NHS up to the end of March 2022 will be seen as normal by our service. We continue to accept private referrals only from this point onwards. It may be possible to request to see us via the NHS from your GP, but we cannot guarantee this would happen. You would have to approach your GP to discuss this.

Having provided a continuous uninterrupted service for the NHS since 2013 for residents of Lancashire, and latterly South Cumbria, we are incredibly proud of all our dedicated staff who have served the population of these areas all the way through the Covid crisis as well as the many internal reorganisations of the local NHS infrastructure over the years.

If you have already been to your GP for a referral to us but haven't heard from us yet, please note we are in the process of contacting ALL of our clients to reassure everyone they will be given the opportunity to be seen by us in due course. Please note that we are aware that not everyone referred to us by their GP may have had their paperwork sent to us from within the NHS by the 31st March 2022. This is entirely out of our control, and if you are concerned then please feel free to contact our office for further advice, or ask your GP for an update as to the state of your referral.

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