How to access our service

Through your GP

If you are resident in Lancashire, you can go to your GP and ask for a referral to our service for either an Autism assessment or Counselling sessions if you already have a diagnosis.
Private Referral

If you are unable to access our service through the NHS, we do take people privately if you wish to contact our office directly. Our contact number is 01772 200589.

Through your solicitor

We undertake work on behalf of solicitors. Please ask your solicitor to contact us to discuss the situation on 01772 200589.

Getting further funding (through the NHS)

If you are a NHS client, and you wish to get further sessions with us, you need to discuss this with your Counsellor and reapply through your GP.

Information for GP surgeries, other professional practices

We request that all referrers through the NHS send us a copy of the referral application at the same time it is submitted to the CSU. This greatly helps us speed up the processing of new applications. If you need a copy of the referral form, or any further information, please contact our office on 01772 200589. Please note that we are unable to see a patient until we receive funding approval from the CSU.